1979: Foundation stones of Sartex were laid in Rochdale, United Kingdom.

1984: Expansion into bed linen by opening up of a stitching unit in Rochdale, United Kingdom.

1986: Setting up of inline quilting operation at factory in Rochdale, United Kingdom.

1990: Opening of Gohar textile office in Faisalabad, PAKISTAN

1991: Opening of sales offices in Germany.

1993: Stitching unit constructed in the name of Gohar International in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

1995: Quilting Unit was inaugurated in Gohar Textile Mill Faisalabad, Pakistan.

1997: Opening up of a weaving unit with the startup of 100 sulzer looms in Gohar Weaveing Mill Gojra, Pakistan.

1999: Expension of stitching factory in Pakistan to increase total production space to 300,000 sq ft.


2000: Acquired new manufacturing site in Castleton, Rochdale, United Kingdom whereby increasing total production floor space upto 180,000 sq ft with the addition of automatic inline quilting and pillow manufacturing plants.

2001: 100 air jet looms were installed in factory at Gohar Weaveing Mill Gojra, Pakistan.

2003: 300 additional auto looms were commissioned in factory at Gohar Weaveing Mill Gojra, Pakistan.

2006: 450,000 sq ft textile processing mill was constructed with latest plant and machinery to fulfill the requirement of textiles processing mill with the name of Gohar Textile Mills, Faisalabad, Pakistan..

2008: Diversification into the thermal bonded polyester products. Deployed huge budget for research and development for thermal bonded polyester plant and machinery at Rochdale, United Kingdom.




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